Quạt làm mát tủ điện Servo D1225C12B5AP-53 DC12V 0.083A

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Nidec-Servo "GentleTyphoon" 120x120x25mm Silent Case Fans Chose the Version you want in the Drop Down Menu. 1450 RPM: D1225C12B4AP-52 is the OEM variant of the D1225C12B4AP-14 / 894092001638 1850 RPM: D1225C12B5AP-53 is...
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Nidec-Servo "GentleTyphoon" 120x120x25mm Silent Case Fans

Chose the Version you want in the Drop Down Menu.

1450 RPM:  D1225C12B4AP-52 is the OEM variant of the D1225C12B4AP-14 / 894092001638
1850 RPM:  D1225C12B5AP-53 is the OEM variant of the D1225C12B5AP-15 / 894092001645
2150 RPM:  D1225C12B6ZPA-64 This Version is a PWM Fan and includes a 4-3 pin adapter so it can be used as a straight Non-PWM 3pin fan.

OEM = Original equipment manufacturer, no accessories or retail packaging included.

The Gentle Typhoon adopts a completely new idea which undermines conventional fan design. Reduce fan noise by reducing the RPM of the fan (This is due to the fact that noise varies in proportion to revolutions to the power of six.) NIDEC SERVO engineers denied common sense during the development of the Gentle Typhoon, and applied their own modified version of a fluid dynamic analysis software to verify a multitude of design parameters. We found that noise could be lowered even at higher speeds as long as the propeller and fan case (venturi) were formed with some ingenuity. The ingenuity resulted in a wonderful invention encompassing three (two?) factors essential to a low noise fan: a wide low-noise range and improved noise quality (patent pending).  Compared to the common axial fan, not only will it revolve 15% faster but customers can expect marked reduction to system noise.

High Performance paired with low Noise Level - that's what the new GentleTyphoon Fans by Nidec Servo Corp. are about.  

This is a great computer fan, and also works very well for quiet AV cooling.  We have these fans incorporated into some of our cabinet cooling solutions:

Double Ball Bearing fans and rated at 100,000 hours!

Model #

Fan Speed



Power Draw



1,450 RPM

21  dBA

45.9 CFM


D1225C12B5AP-53  1,850 RPM

28  dBA

58.3 CFM



900 - 2,150 RPM

15-32 dBA

68 CFM



High Performance:
The Gentle Typhoon achieves high airflow volume and low noise with the newly designed impeller, enabling silent cooling of the latest devices which run very hot.

Silent Operation: 
The GentleTyphoon has a different type of tone. The fan propeller is designed to reduce the disturbing frequency fan noise to human ears.

Innovative Technology: 
The newly designed motor and motor support mechanism of the GentleTyphoon uses a double vibration reduction structure. The new support mechanism uses coil dampers to greatly reduce vibration.


Rated Voltage: DC12V
Weight: 200 g
Bearing Type: Double Ball Bearing
MTBF 100,000 h / 35°C or 60,000 h / 60°C
*1,850 rpm Model 55,000 h / 60°C
Connector: 1450 and 1850 RPM 3-pin / 3 Wire, 

2150RPM is a PWM model 
(includes 4-3pin adapter for non-pwm use)